photoMy name is Marián Amigueti. I’m a English-Spanish and German-Spanish translator and proofreader. From a very early age, I was fascinated by languages, music, exploring the world and interacting with people from different cultures. Deciphering the lyrics and melodies of the music my father listened to at home kept me captivated. Soon, I was able to supplement my fascination with stays in Ireland, France and, later, Austria and southern Germany. When I was in secondary school, it became clear to me that my dream was in languages, so I took the Cambridge official examinations, studied French, and mastered the basics. My career continued with a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation at the University of Granada.

The college years were a delight! There I began to study German culture and language, while continuing with French and English. The third year of my degree in translation meant that I had to go to study in Dublin City University. In Ireland, I met many international students, many of whom I have kept in contact with ever since, and my command of English, French and German improved considerably. I resided on campus with Irish students and kept up my knowledge of French and German thanks to Austrian and French exchange students.

Once I finished my degree in Granada, I pursued further studies in translation, with a Master’s in Computer-assisted Translation at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Soon I was able to apply what I learned, first in an export department in Barcelona, and then in a German translation firm with offices in Madrid. From there, I freelanced as an independent language professional for several years, before returning in-house to work as a multilingual assistant in a prestigious Swiss attorneys-at-law firm. From there, I went on to join a team of project managers in a well-established translation and language services. Here I became familiar with numerous tools, platforms and procedures involved in translation management, actively participating in the quality control processes to achieve superior results.

After this amazing experience, having gained the confidence and knowledge required through years of collaboration with various clients and colleagues, I currently dedicate myself to my passion, languages, as an independent translation and localization specialist.