Authentic cross-culture communication: now it is the time

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Authentic cross-culture communication is a process. It means creating and sharing meaning among people from different cultural backgrounds. And not only. It also implies taking into account both the gaps and similarities among cultural groups. Now it is the time to use it to effectively engage within a given context.

Well, you know that your website still needs to address those 580 million Spanish-speaking potential clients all world around. Don’t you? Your mid-size company has interesting business opportunities far across the distance. Translation and copywriting in Spanish can help you get there.

Your prospects do love the content in their language. So, let’s make it. Why don’t we create genuine content to captivate them?


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Language strategy, what else?

A genuine language strategy can be key to captivating your audience. Yes, we need a roadmap. To consciously deploy the right messages and provide value in an effective way. This strategy shall answer some relevant questions. For example: What kind of audience do you want to reach? What’s your brand personality like?

Especially when you are addressing different countries. When you launch your products and services internationally, you need a language strategy. Let’s analyze the challenges of cross-culture communication, language strategy, and internationalization.

Close and creative communication

Firstly, interactive, close, and creative communication with the consumer on social networks can make a difference. Let’s summarize some ideas:

  • Communication of this kind encourages consumer participation.
  • Inclusive and effective communication allows for greater and better visibility.
  • Cross-cultural communication allows you to collect real first-hand assessments.

Choosing the right tone, style, and words. And accompanying your message when engaging with stakeholders and potential customers will also be critical in the digital world.

Because words have an essentially emotional impact when making decisions. They can help you connect with the consumer. Words can captivate your audience. And call them to action. Or they can lead them to stop reading and leave the page.

Well-written, persuasive, and error-free texts will help give your brand credibility and consistency.


Generate a reputation to be different

Secondly, they will generate a reputation. A worthy of consideration in the eyes of suppliers, potential partners, and consumers. This makes margin negotiations and the acquisition of new business easier.


The value of your brand

Thanks to these strategies, authentic cross-cultural communication gives value to your brand.

Your company will be perceived as valuable. Your texts will:

  • invite reading,
  • interaction,
  • make the reader want to know:
    • more about what your company has to offer.
    • about what makes you different.
  • contribute to their interest in your products and services.


Therefore, it will be easier to create alliances. Why? Because more and more companies will be open to strengthen their collaboration.  They will prefer a company that takes care of its communication rather than one that does not. They will stand out in the market with a company that is different because it adds value and consistency.

Also, the valuable information collected through interaction with consumers and other companies in social networks will make you know the market well. It will position you as an expert. This way it will be easy to attract partners interested in that knowledge.

An interactive, close, and creative communication makes the difference in the interaction in social networks.

The tone, style, and words you choose in your digital marketing actions must be careful and consistent with your brand. Because the consumer bases his or her purchase decision on the image you project.

Well-written, persuasive, and error-free texts contribute to the image and credibility of your brand. They are your allies in excelling negotiations and acquiring new business.

With these language strategies, you will position yourself as an expert and it will be easier to establish collaborative links with other companies.

The information provided by your followers in social networks is very valuable and will generate interest in other business partners.

I can be your linguistic partner and your guide through this new challenge. Let me guide you as your language partner to get this smoothly done. Let’s cross the bridges that separate you from your effective communication in Spanish.

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