Strategic and branding consultancy for female translators

I will accompany you in your efforts to gain experience, learn how to negotiate better and become a more confident translator.


For the last four years, I have been tutoring remote translation interns at the University of Valladolid and I am a mentor for Asetrad (the Spanish Association of Translators and Interpreters).

Since 2002, I have been collaborating with translation and software SMEs in Europe, providing translation, localization and proofreading services from German and English into Spanish, and working as an additional team member.


As a strategic consultant, I motivate and inspire freelancers and solopreneurs in the translation industry with the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to consolidate their personal brand internationally and better position themselves in the market.


This year 2021 I have set out to help more female translators and I have created a mastermind group that meets regularly every Wednesday and finally a LinkedIn mastermind group for translation.



What is a translation mastermind group?

  • A translation mastermind group is a safe space for dialogue and sharing ideas, based on equality, zero judgment and zero criticism.
  • We are translators with similar objectives, each at our own stage in our career and life, with our own priorities, blockages, and challenges. We meet to share our knowledge and professional experience (as well as our concerns) and help each other to achieve the goals that matter to us personally.




What can I offer you?

I would like to share with you what I have learnt over the last 20 years in the translation sector as a project manager, proofreader, linguistic consultant and translator, as well as other subjects that interest me and that I have been engaged in for years, such as:

– Software for translators
– Agile methods
– Lean-Startup methodology
– Non-linear planning
– Project management
– Client acquisition and follow-up
– Cyclical productivity
– Strategy and personal branding
– Finance: accounting, forecasting and action
– Synergies and partnerships
– Business canvas
– Copywriting and storytelling
– Presence, focus and priorities


I offer you all this to inspire you, and so that you can also share what has worked for you with the group, realize your talents and communicate them. Together we will identify the areas that are holding you back, so that you can let go of everything that prevents you from growing.


I am currently helping two individuals/women/female translators and will soon open up two new strategic consultancy assessment placements: I will support you to define your goals and we will establish a step-by-plan plan for how to achieve them.


I am also open to creating a strategic consulting group if you prefer to share this process with others and develop a supportive group.


What do you say: are you up for an adventure?






Some testimonials:

Noemí Collado Candamo

Translator and interpreter

“I was lucky enough to have Marián as a mentor for my Translation and Interpreting Degree internship and I am very grateful to her today. Thanks to the approach to work she proposed, I had the opportunity to deepen the translation knowledge I had acquired during my degree through, for example, specialization in different fields, application of the ISO standard, etc. […] She also taught me real case studies that included dealing directly with the client, project management, budgeting, etc., thus giving me a closer and more realistic view of the challenges that a translator faces on a daily basis and providing me with the career guidance that I missed out on in my degree. Marián is a very hard-working person, committed to what she does and she demands a lot of herself. You can trust her 100%, as she always keeps her word. In addition, her attitude and her enthusiasm always make a difference. It is a pleasure for me to recommend Marián Amigueti as a professional translator, localizer and, of course, as a mentor for translation students”.


Belén Minguela Zamarro

Translator and interpreter

“It was a pleasure for me to have Marián as my tutor for my Translation and Interpreting internship. The internship was totally personalized, which meant that we worked on the fields I liked the most. All the tasks she provided me with were adapted to my level of knowledge and she always explained and resolved all the queries that arose during my working hours. Marián managed to get the best out of me as a student, providing me with the knowledge and key strategies to make my work a success. I appreciate the confidence that Marián showed in me and my work from the very beginning. I greatly value everything she enabled me to learn by sharing her day-to-day life in the world of translation and all her knowledge with me, which is and will be of great help for my future. For me, Marián provides an example to follow…”.


Ana Sánchez Isidoro

Translator and copywriter

“I contacted Marián for her mentorship services. From the very first minute, we began sharing ideas and experiences. She is a careful and empathetic listener, giving you all her knowledge, advice and tricks. With her, I also learnt how to make use of very practical tools and follow people who I could learn from. She gives you the space to be yourself and explain what your goals are, and then apply the best methods and practices to find and develop your own path.”


Lucy Fisher

Spanish into English translator and proofreader

“Before working with Marián, I had been working as a freelance translator for about 18 months; my situation was slowly improving, but I had been wanting to talk to a more experienced professional translator for some time to ask for advice on how to get more clients, specialize more, be more efficient. I felt good, on the one hand, that things were improving, little by little, but unsure about how to progress. Marián has given me very useful advice on how to value the different types of work I do and how to prioritize the most profitable ones. I feel more confident about not accepting work below certain minimum rates, with more tools to improve the quality of my work and more ideas about how to develop my business in the future. Motivated by Marián and with her help, I wrote a text that I will use to send to potential clients by mail, which will help me reach more clients in my area of expertise. Thanks to her advice on calculating the profitability of different jobs, I have been able to start making more informed decisions about which jobs to accept. After working with Marián, I feel more motivated and confident about my future as a translator: it was great to talk to a professional with such a well-rounded background and to see that I might be able to progress in the future as well. I would definitely recommend Marián as a tutor: she is a very easy person to talk to, from whom you learn a lot. She sets you regular tasks and goals so that you see concrete progress and learn more in the time between conversations, and she adapts to the doubts and needs you have. She is also a very friendly and open tutor; she is a pleasure to talk to and I have learned a lot from her advice. It has been a very positive experience.”


Irene Koehler Abril

English, French and Italian into Spanish translator

“When I signed up for the Asetrad mentorship, I had just finished my second course at Cálamo y Cran (translation of Anglo-Saxon contracts), after having successfully completed the FR>ES professional translation course. I was unemployed and didn’t know where to start: should I register as a freelance translator without having a job yet? How and where should I start looking for translation agencies…? I felt very lost and alone in this virtual world of translation, but Marián took the reins immediately, focusing on what was important, and we took the first steps toward starting work. First of all, I had to write a good CV in Spanish and English, grouping together and focusing all my work experience in tourism in order to be able to offer a translation specialty. Then she provided me with a list of companies, according to my language combinations and specialty, to start sending out my CV, together with a well-written cover letter in Spanish and English. She also showed me what a portfolio is and ideas for a future website … In short, she made me see [this] virtual world, the world of translation – which is very complex and full of possibilities – you just have to know where and how to look, because we all have something to offer and you have to know how to differentiate yourself from the rest to make a place for yourself in this competitive world. She has saved me a lot of headaches and has given me a multitude of solutions: on administration, IT, tax and a long etcetera because, honestly, without her help, I think I still wouldn’t know where to start or I would have started off on the wrong foot. I have now completed my first three translation projects, in which I have been able to count on Marián’s help for queries related to IT and working methods, and I feel more confident facing this beginning with a person who monitors me closely, and to whom I can turn to if doubts or trouble arise. I encourage you to call on her professionalism, to take advantage of her years of experience in this sector, which are many. She has solutions for everything, thanks to her resolute and efficient manner.”